Modern Comedian

I don’t really keep up with any web series but I’ve watched every episode of modern comedian twice. As we all know I love performing stand up but even more than performing I love watching other comedians perform and the entire process of comedy and this web series covers it beautifully. I don’t have a favorite episode but if I did it would be the one with Todd Glass but that’s because I’m biased and Todd Glass is my favorite comic. The documenter also interviews Lynn Shawcroft about her marriage to Mitch Hedberg but I wish he also focused on her stand up. I did a show with her once and she was amazing. I was in awe of her the whole time and just wished I could come off half as comfortable on stage as she did. It was like listening to a friend tell a story. I want to be like that one day. I’d say the only bad thing about this web series is that I wish he would do more episodes centered around female comedians but I’ll still keep watching as long as he keeps making these.

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