I got drunk and then went shopping at trader joes and only bought snacks I’m so great but at the same time I’m like uh what am I gonna eat for dinner oops

Does anyone have any links to watch rupauls drag race season 2 or 3? This is like really important.

Also, HI


ding dong


ding dong




imageIf you need Plan B, here’s a printable $10 off coupon

It doesn’t expire either! It’s a continual offer

Get it guys!

Plan B is very expensive!


so when are we gonna stop pretending beer tastes good


I am thrilled to announce I’ll be a New Face at this year’s Montreal Just for Laughs festival. If you live in Montreal, please come see me!

the nicest and funniest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is very important.


ive reblogged this before but i cant find it. please watch it

where’s the one with eric Andre singing some song and at the end Hannibal just says “wack”